Earlier civilizations possessed true knowledge and never questioned the flat Earth. On this page are illustrations of how ancient cultures viewed our world. Centuries passed with flat Earth as common knowledge until some wise-ass science pukes came along and made up some bullshit hogwash to deceive humanity and hide God.  Fortunately, the masses are waking to this huge deception and once you take the time to de-bunk Flat Earth and understand the dip-shits who invented the globe ... ... you'll be convinced, our world is flat.

If the "Theory Of Relativity" was proven wrong, that would mean the Earth doesn't rotate and is stable on a foundation as described in ancient text and religious doctrines.If we can prove that bullshit to be a lie, would it be enough evidence for the globalist to at least entertain the idea you've been deceived and the Earth may be flat? Let's hope so because here we go. Below are links to proof the "Theory Of Relativity" bullshit has been proven to be a deception.

"Theory Of Relativity" DISPROVED

WHO INVENTED THE GLOBE? ... is what you must ask yourself. CLICK THIS

Flat Earth

Flat Earth

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