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MESSAGE MON founded Flock Of Angels in 1999  as a sister organization to The Nicole Brown (Simpson) Foundation. He worked closely with Denise Brown and the foundation for nearly two decades donating his many gifts and talents to Domestic Violence. The magical details about the events guiding him down this path are worthy of a script to a feel-good movie. 

MM aka Jimi James (accomplished musician/entertainer), is a non-religious spiritual warrior leading an "Angel Network" of digital soilders  on a mission of spreading peace/love, fighting for truth/freedom, and assisting humanity through this amazing yet chaotic evolution of human consciousness. 
FOA always has and will be a grassroots organization so please spread the word and invite angelic minded people to join fight for truth, freedom, and prosperity for humanity.



After five rituals on the mountain in summer of 1996, the magic began  in January 1997. It was such a strange event that was so bizarre I knew it was the result of my mountaintop rituals. Next year in January of 2022 will mark the 25th anniversary of the beginning of one of the most magical true stories you've ever heard. Now is the perfect time to tell it.

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