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We are currently in the midst of the last battle of the greatest war in human history. If you don't understand this fight and the enemy, or if you wanna join us in this battle, met us at THE CUT, and let's discuss it together in front of a camera.


This website was created by me, Message Mon to share my research and expose lies and deceptions of the demonic cabal AKA The Deep State. Fortunately, the TRUTH is being revealed and a new reality is coming into view of the ones paying attention. G4T is a community of like-minded truth-seekers learning and, discussing our new reality away from censored social media.


Uncensored by the social media police, we insight a gangsta mentality for truth because the lies, deceptions, and crimes humanity have endured for thousands of years are perpetrated by the evilest group of gangstas to inhabit Earth.  With more determination than these Luciferian baby fucking blood-drinking demonic perverts, we research and expose their filth and perversions like a gangsta would because ... It's either them ... or us.

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for INSTANT ACCESS to over 30 research playlists, links to creditable alternative news sources, blog, and more.    IT'S FREE!

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