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Jimi James

 LEO, Vocals, Keyboards, Writer, Producer, Bass, Drums    WEBSITE


Joy prayed for a piano player when she was carrying her first born in the belly, and at the age of 5, she taught him how to play the piano. Jimi's parents financed his formal classical, jazz/pop piano, and organ training through school. He was an award-winning music student grade through high school, and dissolved the family band after graduation to marry his high school sweetheart, then took off on the road with another family band, The Sylvers.  He is pretty much blamed by his siblings for breaking up the band twice and causing them to nix the family concept for decades. Jimi James is the bad boy of the family, the only one with who has DUI's, done time, drugs, and is single with no children. With all that compiled into one person, he's evolved into a highly spiritual truth seeker and is the driving force behind keeping his family together today. AKA Message Mon.

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SCORPIO, Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Writer, Producer


Jeff is a self-taught guitarist and was influenced by several great guitar heroes over the years. Jimi Hendrix, Steve Lukather, and George Lynch were a few of his favorites. His first all original rock band was "Prophecy" which had rock and roll hall of fame legend, Matt Sorum on drums. Jeff led two more original bands and attempted stardom with Mahnaz, and Baby Blu. Both attempts were unsuccessful. Jeff is the conservative recluse of the siblings and is rarely seen on any stage outside of The Journey Church, where he is the worship leader. Jeff has a degree in electronic engineering and manufactures several of his musical inventions for guitar players and electronic drummers under the company name AxeTrak. He is the father of rappers and producers L.O.G.I.C. & Steal My Beats.

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Vocals, Percussion, Writer

When the Four J's formed in 73, Julz was the shy one. Struttin' a boys afro she had a hard time being the girl in the band.  She rejected playing a musical instrument, but was blessed with an angelic voice, and is the main vocalist of the family. After the fam band broke up she landed a steady gig with the Buck Ram Platters and has spent Christmas in Japan for the past 15 years. She's survived in the music business by answering her phone when ever someone needs a beautiful voice to enhance their project. She's only written two songs with the family and both are considered the best ballads ever performed by the Harris band. 

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Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Writer, Producer, Vocals


Jara played Jimi James drum set for the first time at age 2, and by the time he was 4 was the Four J’s 4-year-old drummer. His older brother rode him like a bus to make him use his little foot to play a 16” bass drum without a mic loud enough for an auditorium to hear. He started playing clubs at the age of 12 with The J. Harris Band but his mama and daddy had to be there. Jara took what his older brother taught him to the next level in recording, writing, and playing multi instruments. He put his first band, JARA & THE YOUNG together in 1985 after the family band broke up the second time. He changed the band name to SLAPBAK after The Young grew up and was signed to Warner Brothers in 1992. He has played with George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Morris Day, Larry Blackmon, The Dazz Band, Jordan Sparks, Alicia Keys, and more. Jara's calender is currently full backing up other cover bands.

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Vocals, Drums. Bass, Keyboards, Writer


The last born is the hippie of the family, and the only sibling to be born in Orange County. She was sucked into the band at the age of 7, and followed in her sibling's footsteps to become a multi instrumentalist. vocalist, and writer.

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Second Generation Harris Musicians


Josh, Jeremiah, Justin, Jacob (R.I.P), Jaz, Justice, Josiah, Jonah

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